Ethics For Children, Tweens & Teens

Here, young humans empower their ethical development, create life-long freindships, and stand up with care and courage for a GOOD WORLD in action.


Young Ethical Explorers Fall Season 2017: 


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Inviting all NYC Humane Families:  
New comers are most welcome. 

Special Fall Season Focus:  "STORY-PLAY" 
Thematic sessions invite children to face story-based ethical dilemmas, as they are supported in conveying their ideas on paper, and transforming  them into presentation. The goal is to grow a community of young ethical writers whose prose and poetry will take on the big social and environmental issues of their time.  
1st and 2nd Sundays are lead by Guest-teacher Deepali Srivastava, founder of Writefully Ours 
Other sessions are led by organizer, Audrey Kindred, with special guests and themes.


October 8th  ~
"Be the Change You Wish to See in the World"  -- Gandhi.
Join the movement to make Halloween "Green" !!!

Oct. 15th, 11am:
Group A:  "Writefully Ours" with children over 6.
Group B:  "gRRReen" -Mask & Costume Making from recycled materials -- you may enjoy bringing egg cartons, tubes, old fun clothes for cutting into new purpose.
Oct. 22nd, 11am:
Zombie Research Society!
Yoga's corpse pose is a resting technique of letting go.  We'll take it for an energizing connection to seasonal themes of our skeleton bones, blood, heart, brain and feeling.  We'll "zombie out" and then recharge batteries to reinvigorate our bodies and brains!  We'll use the zombie study to ask what does it mean to FEEL alive! This is a playful exploration of heavy themes.  We'll all get membership cards for the Zombie Research Society!

October 29th, 11am: 
Happy Bones Festival
-- bring a picture & story of an ancestor to this fusion-style "dia de los muertos"
We'll have a DAY OF THE DEAD to stand on the shoulders of those who came before us. This is a celebratory connection to 'roots' and an exploration of ancestry.

November 5th
"Writefully Ours!"

November 12
"Writefully Ours! 
November 19
GooD: Gratitude & Deed Festival

No session on November 26th
Giving Thanks.

Dec. 3
"Writefully Ours"

Dec. 10
"Writefully Ours"

December 17, Winter Festival


Resuming in the New Year on January 7th.
Justice January and Fairness February focused on Malala, and standing up for children's education.  
We also read Angela's book about standing up for people's diversity and individuality through a birthday party. 

MARCH of Mindfulness, Mysteries, and Marches!
We embark upon the great mysteries of life, from realms of "the great inner" ~self~ to realms of the "the great outer" ~world~.  We will engage in children's practices of mindfulness and meditation including yoga,  origami, weaving projects, breath and motion games, dream work, "green" art and story making.  

April is all about the Earth.  We are celebrating EARTH TEACH ME,  for Spring Fest, and enacting Kikir and The Walking Trees

May is Children's Book Month
We are creating EARTH BOOKS together in a many steps process.  Please come consistently if possible. 

VIRTUAL PARTICIPATION FAR AND WIDE:  September 9-24:  DEEDS by Ethical Explorers
All ages are welcome to participate in the ETHICAL TEAM of the Global Unity Compassion Games, where “survival of the kindest “ fosters  “Building Bridges!”

Suggested donation for participation is a voluntary contribution for visitors who are not yet members, and it is free for NYSEC members. 
New Parents are asked to please commit to attending consistently, and to enrolling for a NYSEC Newcomers event. 

Ongoing on Sundays
Ethics for Children
11am, 4th floor:  Arrival. All gather with the ETHICAL community on the 4th floor.  
For community greeting and music:  
• 11:15 -- Children will go upstairs for an independent project of friendship, creativity and deed
-Teens may enjoy volunteering with the children for "community service"
(Contact to arrange this) 
• Adults and teens may choose to experience the Morning Meeting.  
• Pick-Up At 12:30 on the 5th floor or on the Playground (weather permitting) 
• Families are welcome to join the community for lunch, for a small $ contribution
• Children and teens always eat for free!

FAMILY PLAYGROUND TIME:  12:30-2pm, open play with parents collaborating as "playground monitors"

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