Ethics For Young Humans

Through ETHICAL community, young humans empower their ethical development, create life-long friendships, and stand up with care and courage for a GOOD WORLD through action. At Ethical Culture, where the cool-ness factor values KINDNESS and DEED, children bring out the best in one another, and thereby themselves... (variation on a quote by founder, Felix Adler.)

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Fall Season Planning....

Except for the first sunday, our mixed aged group meets for project sessions at 11am-11:45. Older participants are then invited to stay to deepen their explorations and dialogue until 12:30. Newcomers are welcome. Consistent attendance is valued. Sept 20, 11am: International Peace Day Sept 27, 11am: Making a Personal Peace Plan and Peace Journal October Theme: Having Our Say Oct. 4, 1:30 — First Sundays Event: Earnest Ethical Peace Letters to a Future President. Start writing your letter now, then practice it for sharing! RSVP by October 1, to get listed on the official roster of presenters. All young voices welcome! Family collaborations welcome! Oct. 11, 11am — An outing to Central Park‘s new Suffragette statue! Oct. 18, 11am — Ethical Expressions led by Writefully Ours’ leader Deepali Srivastava Oct. 25, 11am — Green Costume DIY workshop November theme: We all count! November 1, 1:30pm First Sundays Event! Happy Bones Festival — inspired by Dia de los Muertos! We’ll dance with our “happy bones,” share stories of our Ancestors, And meditate with the Monarchs! To prepare: Ask your elder family members for stories about their elders... now ancestors. Tell their stories in your own words! Create these ancestor stories by drawing pictures, making graphic dialogues, stories or family trees!

Ocean Poem

By Marifer, inspired by memories of her snorkeling experience in Cancun Created for and presented at First Sundays Series, August 6th, 2020 Thousands of drops of water in an ocean. Thousands of diverse species in the vivid colors swim in it. Amongst the rough coral, eels poke their slimy, slim heads from between the sands and stones. Quiet, bright orange clownfish swim through anemone. Fish, vibrant, colorful fish swim through the blue waters. Gliding as it seems, with the grace of birds. Polyps poke out along with barnacles from the sandy hulls of ships. Squids and octopi, with suckers, three hearts, and aggression can be spotted nearby. Curious fish with spikes, Mares of the Sea, and star shaped curiosities are just a few of the wonderful oddities you may find. Flower like beings — not plants, but animals, you see — peek out every now and then for some krill Crabs, lobsters and assorted crustaceans, clams with the shiny pearls,turtles with green shells… Oh that is the beauty of a once pristine ocean. And now? Oh woe.

Earth Citizen John Lewis

Earth Citizen John Lewis 

By: Ohm Williams 

An earth citizen is someone who makes the earth better for other people and themselves. 
John Lewis was a great man and earth citizen. He was one of the youngest activists to join the Civil Rights movement. John Lewis once said that Emmet Till was his George Floyd. It made me feel sad because we sort of went through the same thing of having someone murdered because of the color of their skin. Because of Emmet Till, John Lewis began to march. He marched with Martin Luther King Jr. He stood up for Black Lives before Black Lives Matter was a movement. He was one of the brave people injured during the Bloody Sunday March. He did not stop fighting for freedom. He fought and fought and fought until his dying day. His legacy will live on.

Note: Ohm shared this speech at the August 2020 FIRST SUNDAYS SERIES! 


YEE’s  ZOOMing through August 2020 

1:30 pm on Sunday, August 2nd


"Earth citizens ~Global visions”

An inspirational educational forum of childrens and families' ETHICAL presentations. All ages are welcome to attend. 

Families & Young People, prepare a presentation with the theme! Young voices of participation are welcome from all Ethical Societies and from allied humanist and interfaith communities as well. For participation, simply contact:

Compassionate Pen Prompt 

Youth and children, 

Please share your ideas at YEE’s First Sundays Event:  

(speech, poem, pledge, anthem, song, art): 

What is world citizenship on Earth?

Who in the world is a world citizen?

What makes you a citizen of the world? 

What is your global vision for the future? 

Contact to included!  

In August... Let’s get


August 9 at 11am

Symbolizing Earth‘s Community! 

We’ll be inventing flags, crests and emblems to represent the world of Earthlings

August 16 at 11am

Mapping our Earth Home! 

We’ll be mapping earth and many meaningful places in our lives. 

August 23 at 11am

Our ethical vacation! 

We’ll be taking a collective vacation to travel to places we’ve never been... virtually, of course! 

August 30 

No session. A day of quiet. 

RSVP to 

To learn more about YEE, visit:

Malala Song

 ETHICAL SONG: Malala Yousafzai, We Agree! 

    To the tune of “The Alphabet Song” -- 3 rounds:

        Verse 1: sung like "A-P" 

        Verse 2: sung like "Q-Z" 

        Verse 3[Refrain]: “Now I know my abcs...” 

    CAPital LETters are for EMphasis in SINGing.

MaLAla YouSAFzai 
EVery CHILD deserves 

MaLAla hopes the WORLD 
can UNderSTAND
CHILDren need the RIGHT 
To GO to SCHool
"One CHILD, one TEAcher 
One BOOK, one PEN—
can CHANGE the WORld" 


“EduCAtion PLEASE!

Of EVery land 
Have BEAUtiful MINDS 
That deSERVE a HAND. 

YES to each CHILD
YES to each TEAcher
YES to each BOOK 
YES to each PEN

CHILDren’s minds and BOdies
Are GETting HURT
From PREjudice and POVerty

YES to my LEARNning 
and YES to YOURS 
And YES to HERS.

MaLAla, we the CHILdren 
of ETHical nyC 
to SAY we aGREE! 

Young Ethical Explorers 




and :

Our America... YEE speech!

Our America

by YEE participant Marifer

In our America, I want us to be proud of who we are. If our skin is brown, tan, black or white, we should feel proud of it.

….Of our sexual orientation… If we like men, women, or whoever!

….If we come from an immigrant family or have lived here since we were born…

...Of our gender! If we are a man, woman, or non-binary, we should feel proud of it. 

In our America, I want us to get to choose 

            who we want to be, 

            what religion each of us wants to follow, 

            what job we want to get, 

            what we want to study, 

            who we want to marry, if at all. 

I want us to all have the opportunities

            to get a job, 

            go to college, 

            and raise a family if we wish.

I want there to be 

            peace and justice, and freedom and equality 

            for everybody. 

In our America. 

In our world. 

On our beautiful earth!

JULY 5th 1:30 ~~~~ FIRST SUNDAYS

RSVP for JULY 5th, 1:30pm! 

RSVP to be a child/youth/family presenter 
          and/or to be an attending audience.
Ethical community has been standing up for fairness in solidarity with world wide demonstrations in a time of global pandemic:  
through Black Lives Matter and Rainbow Pride

    For "YEE's First Sundays" (at 1:30pm on July 5) 
    children, youth and families are invited to:
   create and/or witness ETHICAL EXPRESSIONS 

****    Note: TO BE INCLUDED in the formal ROSTER OF PRESENTERS,  it would be helpful to RSVP by FRIDAY.   ***** 

Our Compassionate Pen Project invites children, youth, families 
to write/draw ETHICAL EXPRESSIONS as:
speech, pledge, poem, story, picture or song 
expressing your ideas and hopes for AMERICA in this time of protest and pandemic. 
If you create a visual item, you may send a picture in advance for inclusion in our slide show.

      Here are some prompts to get your creative juices flowing:                 
      * This event is on the weekend often celebrated as America's Birthday, so you may find it helpful to make a "birthday wish for America" -- telling us what you wish for America's future and how you think your wish can be realized.  
      * You may even tell people about a DEED your family participates in to help realize these ethical hopes.  
      * You may use a prompt like this:
          BLACK LIVES MATTER to me because.... 
          RAINBOW PRIDE is beautiful because...
      * or You may use the title of the event:

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~you may share the invitation below with others...~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Young Ethical Explorers (YEE) 
"America the Ethical...
with Liberty and Justice for ALL”
An inspirational educational forum of childrens and families' ETHICAL presentations. All ages are welcome to attend.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

so you will be "recognized" in the zoom waiting room.

YEE, our Ethics for Children humanist Sunday School program, serves to empower youngsters in their ethical development, create life-long friendships, and stand up with care and courage for a better world. Through kindness and deed, they “bring out the best in one another, and thereby in themselves” — NYSEC founder, Felix Adler. Topics are explored through discussion, storytelling, dramatization, music, art, games, and field trips. Newcomers and visitors are always welcome!
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