Ethics For Children, Tweens & Teens

Here, young humans empower their ethical development, create life-long freindships, and stand up with care and courage for a GOOD WORLD in action.

Fall Season 2015

FALL CALENDAR -- click this link, and scroll down for calendar.

For September, we invite new friends of all ages to come join in the joy of Ethical Learning! 
In the early half of the fall season, we'll be building our own personal 
"Ethical Treasure Chests with Valuable Values." 
In late fall, we'll be developing our "Peace Tool Kits" 
to engage us in the communicative practices and deeds that activate those values.  

Visitors are welcome to try out the programming for a free session at any time, with RSVP.  RSVP to, please.  You may wish to try out a season with us.  Cost should never stop you, so please ask for scholarship if necessary.  Otherwise, a contribution of $100 per season is suggested. Ethics For Children is free of cost for members' children.  Ethics For Teens with RSVP is free to all teens. 

NYSEC Ethical Membership is available for all families to who discover a sense of belonging at NYSEC and wish to build the Ethical Culture of New York City.  To explore the possiblity of becoming a NYSEC member, please arrange a dialogue with  NYSEC Leader Anne Klaeysen.  

Ethical Parenting, Step-Parenting, Grand-parenting Workshop!
           With Anne Klaeysen
           Thursdays, September 10 & 24, AND October 8 & 22.
      September 20th:  International Peace Day Celebration
            11:00am:  Ethics For Children
            1:30pm:    Ethics or Teens.


Summer Fun at NYSEC, 2015

Ethical Explorers:  
Looking Back and Forward, with Open Doors and Open Minds

This summer, Ethics For Children hosted a fabulous five session series with Ethics teacher Audrey Kindred and visiting artist Amy Reid titled "Animating Humanism and Humanity."  We thought a lot about human ancestors of the past and descendants of the future, and how we fit into the picture.  From these contemplations, four-year-old Marifer coined a delightful question for us to contemplate: "Are amoeba our ancestors?"      Collaborating children of all ages made several short animations including "Just a Spoonful of Humanity Makes the World Go 'Round.... In the Most Delightful Way." To enjoy these animations, visit  "" (You may link to this on NYSEC's website. In your enthusiasm, you may choose to share these animations freely on public media.  
            In our lovely short summer session, we hosted NYSEC's 3rd-ever rooftop slumber party: NIGHT LIGHT. What a wonderful experience for the many who came!  Here is 8 year old Sylan's paragraph to describe it:
Sylvan offers:
"At the Ethical Culture sleepover, I slept on the slide.  So did Dad.  Mama brought chick pea salad and pasta salad, and David's Mom brought hummus, carrots, and celery to the sleepover. I liked the animation that we did before bed.  Amy was up in the balcony, and we were on the stage.  We started around in a circle.  We moved a little bit, and then Amy took a picture.  We kept doing that, and after the sleepover Audrey sent us the animation so that we could see how it put the pictures together.  That was my favorite thing about the sleepover."


Below, you may link to the wonderful very short and sweet animations created by Ethical Explorers 2015, Summer:

Animating Life on Earth

Animating Night Light

Animating Sand Mandala

Animating A Spoonful of Humanity