Ethics For Children, Tweens & Teens

Here, young humans empower their ethical development, create life-long freindships, and stand up with care and courage for a GOOD WORLD in action.

Inspired by Algernon Black

Lillian wrote these inspirations, taking off from Algernon Black.

The Children's March -- Marching!

Miles and Sean at the March!

Marifer and Oberon at the March!

Marifer working on the collective poster!

Leaders of the march.

Note the new spelling of the President-Elect:  CHROP

This young activist and I talked about Giraffe power!  
Giraffe is the symbol for Compassionate Communication...
because it can think preventatively by seeing far and wide,
and has the largest mammal heart. 

Children's March of Kindness: Poster Making!!!

Ethics for Children & Ethics For Teen Leaders

"We need ETHICAL LeaderSHIP...please!"

 Marifer is contemplating the value of LIVING THINGS!
 "Every inch of everyone is Good!" says Max

What do we want? PEACE
When do we want it? NOW

On the afternoon of December 11th, Ethical Families joined the  Children's March and Speak out in Central Park.
NYSEC families met early for poster-making and "shout-out-practice" -- learning call-n-response march techniques, and peace songs -- 

We met oodles of families at the Central Park Bandshell for a speak out. The focus of this event is fairness, kindness, peace, and equality. Kids of all ages had made wonderful signs to carry, standing up for their values.
PHOTOS: You may wish to share your photos of your children's signs or the march. Use Instagram, Facebook or Twitter #kidsmarchnyc

About the Organizers:

We are loosely organized group of parents with a common purpose: involving our children in speaking up for kindness, equity and justice. If you would like more information about us, please email the group at: Some (but not all) of the organizers are also listed our Facebook page: