Ethics For Children, Tweens & Teens

Here, young humans empower their ethical development, create life-long freindships, and stand up with care and courage for a GOOD WORLD in action.

Let's play THE GIVING GAMES... and Stand Up for Human Rights



This is the seasonal game of the ongoing year-round COOPETITIONS led by Compassion Games. 

When you register at the website above, you'll get very cool daily emails to inspire good deeds and thoughtful care -- from there, you'll get to tell stories of your own good deeds -- with pictures!  This leads up to Dec. 10th,  Human Rights Day.

You are welcome to identify yourself as a member of Ethical Culture's Team, titled Ethical Earthlings

You are also welcome to introduce it to your sphere's of influence make your own school-based team or neighborhood-team, and take leadership.

Make sure to sign up with your email AND/OR check their web sight each day -- they'll have inspiring offerings each day from now until Dec. 11th.

Also, the Compassion Game theme song is especially fun as well, full of phrases you want to have at the tip of a child's tongue -- so it's a great thing for us to learn together.  

No matter if you are a long distance friend, a member of a different society, or a NYSEC youth ....  all good deed doers are welcome to participate.

Any questions?

Audrey Kindred

Fall Fun!

Newest member family!!! Such special people! 
Writing her Tree Book, our elder-wise-one Lillian
Tree Flower
Bell Drum on Dia De Los Muertos
Marigolds on men of all ages for Dia De Los Muertos
Favio gets a special gentle face paint 

Intergenerational Learning in THE HUMAN FAMILY of ETHICAL EARTHLINGS