Ethics For Children, Tweens & Teens

Here, young humans empower their ethical development, create life-long freindships, and stand up with care and courage for a GOOD WORLD in action.

Inspired by Algernon Black

Lillian wrote these inspirations, taking off from Algernon Black.

The Children's March -- Marching!

Miles and Sean at the March!

Marifer and Oberon at the March!

Marifer working on the collective poster!

Leaders of the march.

Note the new spelling of the President-Elect:  CHROP

This young activist and I talked about Giraffe power!  
Giraffe is the symbol for Compassionate Communication...
because it can think preventatively by seeing far and wide,
and has the largest mammal heart. 

Children's March of Kindness: Poster Making!!!

Ethics for Children & Ethics For Teen Leaders

"We need ETHICAL LeaderSHIP...please!"

 Marifer is contemplating the value of LIVING THINGS!
 "Every inch of everyone is Good!" says Max

What do we want? PEACE
When do we want it? NOW

On the afternoon of December 11th, Ethical Families joined the  Children's March and Speak out in Central Park.
NYSEC families met early for poster-making and "shout-out-practice" -- learning call-n-response march techniques, and peace songs -- 

We met oodles of families at the Central Park Bandshell for a speak out. The focus of this event is fairness, kindness, peace, and equality. Kids of all ages had made wonderful signs to carry, standing up for their values.
PHOTOS: You may wish to share your photos of your children's signs or the march. Use Instagram, Facebook or Twitter #kidsmarchnyc

About the Organizers:

We are loosely organized group of parents with a common purpose: involving our children in speaking up for kindness, equity and justice. If you would like more information about us, please email the group at: Some (but not all) of the organizers are also listed our Facebook page:

Let's play THE GIVING GAMES... and Stand Up for Human Rights



This is the seasonal game of the ongoing year-round COOPETITIONS led by Compassion Games. 

When you register at the website above, you'll get very cool daily emails to inspire good deeds and thoughtful care -- from there, you'll get to tell stories of your own good deeds -- with pictures!  This leads up to Dec. 10th,  Human Rights Day.

You are welcome to identify yourself as a member of Ethical Culture's Team, titled Ethical Earthlings

You are also welcome to introduce it to your sphere's of influence make your own school-based team or neighborhood-team, and take leadership.

Make sure to sign up with your email AND/OR check their web sight each day -- they'll have inspiring offerings each day from now until Dec. 11th.

Also, the Compassion Game theme song is especially fun as well, full of phrases you want to have at the tip of a child's tongue -- so it's a great thing for us to learn together.  

No matter if you are a long distance friend, a member of a different society, or a NYSEC youth ....  all good deed doers are welcome to participate.

Any questions?

Audrey Kindred

Fall Fun!

Newest member family!!! Such special people! 
Writing her Tree Book, our elder-wise-one Lillian
Tree Flower
Bell Drum on Dia De Los Muertos
Marigolds on men of all ages for Dia De Los Muertos
Favio gets a special gentle face paint 

Intergenerational Learning in THE HUMAN FAMILY of ETHICAL EARTHLINGS

don't forget to do your Tree-Search

Children stood up for trees today by
"giving them voice."

Ethical spokeswoman speaks for the trees:
"When you cut down a tree,
I think it's important to plant another one."

Wise child shares her tree speech, standing as the voice of the tree:

A new generation is growing their ETHICS at NYSEC.

Happy Wangari Maathai Day! September 25th was Wangari's birthday!

"It's the little things citizens do. That's what will make the difference. My little thing is planting trees." 

"In a few decades, the relationship between the environment, resources and conflict may seem almost as obvious as the connection we see today between human rights, democracy and peace."

"In Kenya women are the first victims of environmental degradation, because they are the ones who walk for hours looking for water, who fetch firewood, who provide food for their families. "

“We are called to assist the Earth to heal her wounds and in the process heal our own – indeed, to embrace the whole creation in all its diversity, beauty and wonder. This will happen if we see the need to revive our sense of belonging to a larger family of life, with which we have shared our evolutionary process.”

“Recognizing that sustainable development, democracy and 

peace are indivisible is an idea whose time has come. “

JOIN ETHICAL! September 2016 Calendar


Send RSVPs or Inquiries to
For more information and ongoing stories of the season, and visit:  

ARRIVE!!!! Sunday, September 11:
10am,  5th floor:  All ages, Family OPEN HOUSE – followed by project, play & lunch.
  • Ethics for Children and Teens Info Session for every kind of Family.  
  • Bagels will be served, while a song circle, info-talk and children’s activity are offered around Ethical Themes.
  • Registration process and Ethical membership options will be guided.  
  • New comers will learn from veteran Ethical Explorers
11am, 4th floor:  All join the ETHICAL community on the 4th floor.  
After a community greeting and music:  
  • Children will go upstairs for an independent project of DEED(
  • Adults and teens may choose to experience the Morning Meeting.  
  • Meet After on Playground:  (Weather permitting)
  • Families are welcome to join the community for lunch
  • Children always eat for free!
  • 1:00, Ethics for Youth Leaders meet in the Lunch Room at  TEEN TABLE  (teens are welcome to eat for free).  Brainstorming the Season Ahead, and Launching Compassion Games Projects

September 11-21:  DEEDS by Ethical Explorers
All ages are welcome to participate in the 
ETHICAL TEAM of the Global Unity Compassion Games, 
where “survival of the kindest “ create “Tomorrow Together!”  
as part of the ETHICAL TEAM on this sight:  

Sunday, September 18 at 11am -- a free family festival open to all children and their families!
Ethical Explorers Celebrate



This event is free and open to all children and their families.
It highlights 3 levels of Peace  
Personal, Local, Global.

Children will learn peace strategies 
to succeed in their year ahead with 
peace-making and friendship building 
in their schools and playgrounds. 

These strategies will include 
playing with movement and breathing games,
scenarios of interactive problem solving,
creation of a collective art work for global peace
and a playground peace parade.

Children will learn how their 
"spheres of influence" work
to expand their own hopes. 
1:00pm TEEN TABLE, in lunch room.

September 25
11am:  Children’s group theme:  “HOME – of heart, mind, and body”
1:00pm  TEEN TABLE, in lunch room.

AS THE SEASON CONTINUES, we meet EACH Sunday, except for long weekends.

  • Free Family Festivals throughout the season include:

  • October 30  11am Happy Bones Festival 
  • 1:00 TEEN TABLE: Launching project of the Zombie Research Society 

  • November 20 Gratitude Festival
  • 1:00 TEEN TABLE: Field Walk to IMAGINE CIRCLE.

Encampment for Citizenship: Favio

Encampment for Citizenship
Favio Apollon, transitioning from YES teens program to FES program for young adults, attended the Encampment, with the support of his NYSEC community. Here are some things he shares in reflection.

This summer, thanks to support from the community of Ethical Culture and the staff of the Encampment For Citizenship (EFC), I spent three weeks in workshops on building community in a democracy! My time at the Encampment was one of the best experiences I have ever had. I appreciate having met young people from all different backgrounds who want to build better communities where they live.        

The Encampment was founded in 1946 after World War II, to insure that another event like the war would never happen again. Algernon Black, a Leader of the New York Society for Ethical Culture, and Alice K. Pollitzer, a prominent civic leader, wanted to bring youngsters from all different backgrounds together. Young men and women of of different races, religions, classes, genders, and sexual orientations gathered to have  conversations about how to build a community, how to run the government, how youth can take action in their own communities. In those early years, Eleanor Roosevelt, who was on the EFC board of sponsors, not only supported the Encampment, but often hosted all the campers at her Hyde Park home.

This summer’s Encampment was at Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts. Our first day began with creating a “River of Life” to introduce ourselves and get to know each other.  Because I live in New York, I tend to think that I have seen and talked to people of every culture. But I was wrong! I had never talked with a Native American — someone whose family and ancestors had not immigrated to America. I enjoyed learning about my Native American friend’s tribe and her life, and realising I had many new wonders to discover about America.

We had to create a form of government together, so we chose to create a Quaker-style democracy. We had art,  social justice, and theater workshops. We explored the state of Massachusetts to analyze aspects of government from city to district, from mayor to immigrants.  We analyzed how to relate what a community needs to what a community wants.  Also, we had discussions about where we live, comparing our communities and learning how to make them better.

My experience at the Encampment was such a privilege. It was grand getting to meet so many incredible young people from all around the country. I didn't have much hope about our generation’s future before. Because of the Encampment, I realize that so many social justice movements have been started by young people. Now I want to use the knowledge that I gained to empower my community and make it better.

F E L I X !!!

F: Felix planted a seed
E: Ethical Earthlings agreed
L: Lifting life up through deed
I:  Stands for Ideals, not creed
X: Marks the spot where we meet,
       to grow this Ethical seed, 
       planted so long ago.

At Ethical Culture
We gather today
To grow the tree of ethics 
In our very own way!

F:  We're Felix' family of friendship
E: Ethical Earthlings unite!
L: We're lifting life up with love
I:   Each individual matters
X:  This letter's out friend.
        It stretches out in every direction
        That's what I do with my energy!

High peace to YOU and ME!

American Ethical Union!
Hooo Rah!!!!

Spring -- join us -- blossom ethically!


The spring season of Ethics For Children will focus on team-work and collaboration.  
We'll be building our social skills toward collective action and interactive support.  
We'll take on our projects -- all with this spirit of 

Join "ETHICAL EARTHLINGS" TEAM for the Compassion Games

April 24th No Session, due to Spring Break

May 8 -- Nurture Fest

May 15 -- Founder's Day
"F.E.L.I.X. Helix TEAM" for 140th Anniversary of American Ethical Union

May 22
Getting to know Ethical History and Heroes

May 29
Compassionate Pen

June 5, 12
June 19 -- Nurture Day #2.

June 26
Reflections and Hopes

All ages work together and collaborate.
Parents are invited to attend the Morning Meeting simultaneously, 

Budding Green

Dear Earth Friends of ALL sorts, everywhere, all ages,
Please join our "Ethical Earthlings" Team!!!!
ETHICAL EARTHLINGS, one and all unite!!!!
to "play" the Compassion Games COOPetition for:
Earth Day,
       Earth Week, 
             Earth Month, 
                    Earth Season.
                            Earth Time.....
Earth Time is ALL the time, as we all do know, but Spring really does speak vividly to inspire our Earth passions.  It's a great time to dive your hands into the soil, and to indulge in some direct Earth Care. 

If you have read this... Then you are officially invited to join the Ethical Earthlings Team for the Compassion Games' COOPETITION which is called:  LOVE THIS PLACE!

How to play:
Do a good deed for the earth and its beings..
Read about how to PLAY by creating service projects and acts of kindness toward Earth and her beings at

"Report" the story of your DEED, a reflection upon its values, and a picture to represent it on a world map called the Compassion Report Map.
Sign in either as a "guest" (i.e. "continue as guest") or via your social media identity.
Indicate that your TEAM is the "Ethical Earthlings"
Feel free to sign up to be a Secret Agent of Compassion to get daily emails during Earth Week.

Feel free to drop us a note at if you'd like us to know about you being a member of the team, Ethical Earthlings.

Friendly Familial February

What does NORMAL mean to you? When do you use that word in relation to children? Sometimes it is used to coach parents in seeing whether their child lines up with the expectations our culture has for kids of a certain age.  It helps problems become identified, at best, to be helped.   But, the myth of A NORM often oppresses people -- including children--  invisibly and pervasively. It supports notions of uniformity that defy a value of the wide diversity of human expression and developmental pathways.  It often, unintentionally perhaps, communicates a false deservedness and superiority, everywhere from the workplace to the playground. It makes people hold themselves and one another in comparison to some external standard, that is usually rife with cultural biases.  It reifies prejudices and stereotypes by upholding singular values, and culling ideals around individual embodiment -- everything weight, height, skin color, accents, clothing... etc.

Individually, the internalizing of norms can propagate self-objectification and internalized oppression.  On the playground, norms can create dynamics of popularity and conformity.  Educationally, the negative repercussions of these normatizing pressures, may be addressed in anti-bully curriculums and skill building about mutual wonder, curiosity and individuality.

At NYSEC we are addressing the question of FAMILY from a norm-defying perspective.  Together we are exploring what diverse processes and choices contribute to creating groups who consider themselves family? Children are learning about one another, and about the range of choices their families have made.  They are asking their parents about decisions that formed their families.  Families are sharing books to usher an understanding around their individual family formation.  The conversation has ensued with an open and deep dialogue among children and families.  This exploration in this day and age is an exciting one.  The diversity of family structure is vast, and full of diverse choices.

Parents are welcome to attend in these upcoming weeks if they wish to. Please talk together at home to decide about your own familial sharing.  We are compiling a range of books to support this exploration.

Nan's Donut Dilemma 

A call for Less Device Time!!! A call for Fairness and Attention!

Ethical Device-Use

"Dear Families, We are asking you to put away your phones.  Please limit your time on your devices. You're using them too much.  Please pay more attention to the outside world -- including children.  Thank you."

Discuss this request, Families!  Take seriously children's challenge to adults for "less device time."   Let it support your child to embrace LESS device time themselves with greater ease.  

Here is the story behind this request:
The Ethics For Children group at NYSEC met to honor Dr. King's birthday.  In doing so, each child (ages 2-10), took "the Ethical Pulpit" to share their hopes for a fair future. From this sharing, a surprising and noteworthy development took place:  
Remember, Fairness was the theme.  Some children expressed indignant feelings at having to limit their time on "devices," while looking up to adults who never put down their devices.   Expanding upon that, they expressed how overwhelming it was to be around adults who are constantly using devices.  From under  a mad complaint about wanting more video game time, emerged a yearning for something unexpected.  A yearning for fairness, and attention.  Some children can't pull themselves away from video games, and even when the machine is not there, they can't unlock their minds from video games.  Others are already reeling with the device-over-dosing of their generation.  Some are able to identify a kind of cultural peer pressure around device use, that is either deeply compelling or deeply uncomfortable to them.  With help transcribing, and the prompt of "What request would you like to make of your families,"  they each chimed in to create the letter above.
It is poignant that this young generation is expressing gut-level fairness issues in the realm of  technology.   Fathers asked their computer-loving sons, "Are you being silly or serious?!"  The boys stamped their feet and said, "We mean it!" 

Children expressed so clearly the value of an age-old adage: that we teach by example.  So, Let's. Limit Device Use!  Make device-free commitments in your family's time together.