Ethics For Children, Tweens & Teens

Here, young humans empower their ethical development, create life-long freindships, and stand up with care and courage for a GOOD WORLD in action.

Winter Season 2016


Free Family Festivals for ALL.  
and Gatherings each Sunday for all ages.
Festivals include: 

January 10th, 11am THE JUSTICE JAM!
February 7th, 11am,  HELPFUL HEARTS FESTIVAL!
March 27th, 11am, A MARCH OF MINDFUL MADNESS! 

Enroll in Winter Season of Ethics For Children:  
Jan. 10 through March 27, 2016 

THE PLAN FOR 2016:  

Genuine Justice January
 invites children 
to explore fairness 
to learn about equality in humanity
to learn about diversity of culture 
to stand up for a fair world
to learn justice songs from the civil rights movement

Friendly Familial February
 invites children 
to explore familial diversity and familial choice
to appreciate the role of one's family in a larger vision of the human family

Moving Mindful March
invites children into yogic fun
to learn about going inside ourselves
to learn about sharing outside of ourselves
to find values, and practices that support 
individual and communal wellbeing
to fuel actions of goodness from outrages of injustice.

Free Festivals and suggested offering of: 
$100 per family for seasonal enrollment.
Free for Ethical Member Families
All ages work together and collaborate.
Parents are invited to attend the Morning Meeting simultaneously, 
(yet are welcome to stay and participate helpfully by request). 
Sundays that fall on 3 day weekends will depend on RSVP, for planning of the group.


NYSEC Winter Solstice!!!! 
Intergenerational Celebration
Sun, Dec. 18, 11am
NYSEC, 4th Floor
Free, all ages, participatory!

Optional extensions:  
Lunch afterwards.  
and Prep-session before it at 10:30 on 5th floor.

Link to the ANCIENT JAPANESE SOLSTICE STORY story we will be enacting.
You may enjoy reading it before and/or after the event at home! You may enjoy making a picture from this story, or from your experience of the Solstice event at NYSEC.

If you make a picture for this story, please send a picture of your picture to and it will get published inside of the story, on this blog.