Ethics For Children, Tweens & Teens

Here, young humans empower their ethical development, create life-long freindships, and stand up with care and courage for a GOOD WORLD in action.

ethical community

With leadership by theater artist, Maggie Rayond

Mita opens platform, "when children do harm..."

Special guest, Andrew Jacobs shares "the three brains" -- a wonderful workshop about how we react to our world.

Gratitude Fest

Mala, Ethan, Favio,Ted at the Imagine Circle.

All ages gathered to support an educational initiative of children in Afghanistan (read previous post)

Meeting students in Afghanistan

Ethical Friends of all ages helped Launch the Accelerating Education Initiative (AEI)'s 
Program in Afganistan  with simultaneous broadcast online world wide via Google Hangout on Air.   
on Dec. 7th at 12:30pm at NYSEC. 

Visit to support the project of your choice.

Here is a short overview of the AEI:

CharityHelp’s Accelerating Education Initiative is designed to help schools benefit from the rapid growth of free digital educational information and low cost communication technologies.  Since this initiative leverages several major global trends and can be implemented by many organizations simultaneously around the world, we feel the positive social impact of this initiative could become very substantial.  To learn more about it, please see this short video:
We have been active in Afghanistan for more than 10 years and started by supporting orphanages through our partner, the Afghan Child Education and Care Organization (AFCECO).    About 4 years ago, we formed Think Renewables to generate ongoing support for CharityHelp International.  Think Renewables started with creating and selling solar powered computer stations and then more recently, developed a line of  Conferencing eStations.
Paul Stevers, Founder & Chairman
CharityHelp International Inc.
Annapolis, MD 21404
US Cel: +1-617-283-8688

Ethical Song-A-Thon!

A call to all Ethical Societies and Ethical Humanists 
to create a song with....
 the American Ethical Union's 
new Mission Statement!  


When you've GOT IT....
Record yourself! 
Make your Debut (either virturally or LIVE)
at NYSEC's Winter Speed Deed in 2015!!!!
Date to be announced.

Ok! Here are the lyrics, just to make it a tad easier:
The American Ethical Union creates, nurtures, and inspires ethical humanist communities to foster a world that is democratic, compassionate, just, and sustainable.  We recognize the unique worth of each individual; we act to elicit the best in others and in ourselves; our faith is in the human capacity to create a better world.

happy bones alter

tickle your skin with carrot tops! 

tickle your funny bone!
THESE bones are happy bones.

(there are more pics off to the right)

Join the Halloween Costume Dialogue with your comments about questions 1,2,3.

About that Halloween Costume your child is wearing:  

1.  Decision Making:
Who chooses what your children wear?  
What are the limits?   
What does this negotiation look like?  
Do you create interactive-family costume scenes?
(like all being part of one vision)

2.  Creativity and Resource:
How much work, creativity, time or money 
is spent on your family costumes?

3.  Greening Halloween:
How much of your costume is created from 
recycled and repurposed resources?
What do you do with your old costumes? 
Any good ideas for Ethical reusing, repurposing,
or passing forward of Costumes?

Please tell us how this looks in your household, 
in the comment space below!

Brain is a branching Tree

Our brains are growing thought branches!

We are thinking about trees and the cycle of breath.

We breathe in the gift from the tree.
We breathe out the gift to the tree.
We breath in gratitude.
We breathe out generosity.

Ethical Earthlings!
Marifer and Lillian collaborate at ETHICAL.

Ethical Body Song

Sing our new song with Lillian and Marifer!  Here are the words:
Ethical Body Song
by Audrey Kindred
inspired by study of NVC: Non-violent Communication

My head and my heart
        help my hands make choices
My thoughts and my feelings
        live deep inside of me.

My choices
        start inside of me
But other people see
        the actions that I make with my body.

My words-n-moves
        can hurt-or-help
But what other people feel
        Are the choices that my voice and my moves make REAL.

African Dance Performance

New York Society For Ethical Culture's 
Ethics For Teen Leaders AND Ethics For Children
offered NYC a great treat!
People of every age in the great NYC diaspora were invited
to enjoy a wonderful evening of creative African dance
 by two international wonder-women of Ethical Culture:

Nina Ndjemba Elemva, 
NYSEC guest teacher of Ethics for Children, NYC
Simba Yangala, 
BSEC's children's teacher of Ethics for Children, Brooklyn


SATURDAY, OCTOBER 4th, 5:00 pm
at NYSEC, 2 West. 64th Street, NY at Central Park West
Social Hall - basement floor

Bring Friends and Pot Luck treats!
Entry is free, 
inspired donations are welcome in support of the artists

Please RSVP if you can to

Fall Season at NYSEC

Ethics For Children, Coming of Age and Ethics For Teen Leaders are programs at NYSEC.

NYSEC is New York Society for Ethical Culture 

Welcome to NYSEC where 
we grow Ethics together.
REACH OUT with your branches actively inviting the people you know 
and enjoy to come on over to NYSEC.
Send links on Facebook, email and talk talk talk. 
Ethics in NYC grows through 
Ethical Education!

  • Come join ethical explorations at New York Society For Ethical Culture.  Our ethical explorations span a life time of ethical learning and growing with programs and forums for all. Ethics For Children (described below) focuses on programming for SCHOOL-AGED children. For double-digit-aged young-learners, you might like to check out our Coming of Age program and Teen Deed Club.  For adult forums, please explore the website of NYSEC.
  • Ethical Culture:  All of NYSEC's programs are rooted in the humanist values of a the Ethical Culture movement.  There are Ethical Culture centers in many cities, each with its own local flavor and style.   A guiding precept  "DEED OVER CREED" offers a good taste of what is held dear in the movement at large. The Ethical Education programs we create are based on the universally sound values of human worth, mutual respect, compassionate inquiry and joyful wonder.  We respect diversity of people's personal inspirations, while holding ETHICS as the common ground at the center of creating community.  All religious beliefs are held in respect, while we see ETHICS as an important component of all lives on Earth, the principle at the center of concern for the HUMAN FAMILY.
  • Overview of Ethics For Children:  At the New York Society for Ethical Culture (NYSEC), September through June, children of all ages (suggested: between the ages of 3-12) convene on Sunday mornings from 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m,  on the 5th floor at 2 W. 64th Street, New York City.  This allows family guardians to simultaneously experience the Ethical Culture Morning Meeting, in the 4th floor Ceremonial Hall, if they so choose. While we organize our programming on a seasonal basis, visitors are always welcome.  
  • Group projects cultivate collaborative skill building, mutual appreciation and a warm sense of belonging and community. We weave values, creativity, and action together in a multi-age experience of the human family. Through games such as “the wonder game” and “put-up tag” children get to know each other at NYSEC. Through seasonal projects of craft, deed, movement, song and play, children together co-create the utter and authentic coolness of ethical learning.
  • Fall Season Plan of Ethics For Children: Upcoming in the Fall season of 2014, Ethics For Children offers a season based on these themes: ETHICAL BODY -- KIND MIND.  This focus offers a grounding base of social emotional tools for compassionate friendship building and problem solving.  Led by program director, Audrey Kindred, with a rotation of visiting guest artists, this season will include movement, mindfulness practices, nature based arts, and social action. As the natural world moves from heat toward coolness, we will have multiple opportunities for good deeds (join NYSEC's deed of the month: People's Climate March), and celebrations (Happy Bones Fest, Thanks & Giving Gathering, Winter Festival).
  • It is a wonderful season to dive into Ethical Culture programming, as Ethical Culture energies are charged with the new national educational leadership of Dale McGowan, a renowned humanist writer of many parenting books about raising children and cultivating the world BEYOND BELIEF.  This notion of being in a world that respects belief, but collectively works in the more common ground of all people, beyond belief, is very exciting for peace-building in a diverse world.  In November, families will get a chance to workshop with Dale McGowan and other teachers and parents involved with the Ethical Culture diaspora, by participating in a weekend long Ethical Education Retreat just north of NYC. Please put November 7-9 on your calendar.

Ethics For Children Director Welcomes You

  • Welcome!  I'm Audrey Kindred, the program director and developer of Ethics for Young People at the New York Society For Ethical Culture (NYSEC).

    that was a good many years ago
    when I was just beginning to grow my ethical roots for life.

    When you arrive at NYSEC, you can find me by looking for:
  • I've created this site to share plans and visions for Ethical Culture's educational programs in NYC, for young people and their families.  It's a window into the exciting groundwork of Ethics For Children at NYSEC, where our doors are open.... for you and your family and friends.  
  • During the Fall season of 2014, Ethics For Children will focus on: ETHICAL BODY -- KIND MIND.  Laying a ground of social emotional tools for compassionate friendship building and problem solving, this curriculum integrates Compassionate Communication, Creative Movement, Secular Yoga, and Expressive Arts.  I like to call it P.E.A.C.E: Practices in Ethics, Arts, Compassion and Energy. As program director, I will be leading the sessions and hosting a rotation of visiting guest artists. The season will include mindfulness practices, movement, nature based arts, and social action. As the natural world moves from heat toward coolness, we will have multiple opportunities for good deeds (join NYSEC's deed of the month: People's Climate March), and celebration (Happy Bones Fest, Thanks & Giving Gathering, Winter Festival.)
  • It is fun to look back upon our recent seasons.  This summer we had a few Family Sleep Over Gatherings, where we camped on the roof-top-playground right in the heart of NYC.  You may enjoy looking at photos from that adventure.  For these past few years, Ethics For Children participants worked together with me and our teaching artist Amy Reid.  It is wonderful to look back on this work, as Amy moves into a new phase of life, going to graduate school for art in California.  Using her wonderful gifts, we wove a curriculum that braided creativity, technology and ethical themes together through project-driven explorations. Creative projects in stop-motion animation offered a framework for children to collaborate across age differences examining ethical themes.  Ethics For Children  Seasonal Programs in 2012-13 and 2013-14 included:  "Animating Peace," "Animating Earth," “Animating Friendship Near and Far,” "Animating Hopes and Dreams," "Animating Energy and Environment":  Children developed skills of intentional social communication and bridge building through arts-n-animation collaborations.  These can all be viewed with a click on you tube (link to Animating Ethics).
We send Amy our warmest wishes!!!!