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Through ETHICAL community, young humans empower their ethical development, create life-long friendships, and stand up with care and courage for a GOOD WORLD through action. At Ethical Culture, where the cool-ness factor values KINDNESS and DEED, children bring out the best in one another, and thereby themselves... (variation on a quote by founder, Felix Adler.)

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summertime 2019


3 Ethical societies united at the second annual “A better World Festival” in Queens, on June 14, 2019.  Ethical NYC has partnered with the host organization, “Love, Hallie” for a few years, and this is our second year hosting a booth and performing an Ethical message on the stage. At our booth, we hosted visitors to become familiar with our programs and mission, and to make “I am a FAN of ethics!” fans!  Our bright and courageous Young Ethical Explorer, Marifer, gave an inspiring speech about how and why to shop was an ethical conscience. She talked about shopping, not just for what’s healthy for your body, but for what is healthy for the earth and for the other citizens of the earth.  Her parents, Jesus and Griselda Posted guests at the ethical booth.  Riverdale’s young team representative, 12 year old Elise Salandy (daughter of Riverdale’s mighty organizer of Ethics for Children programs),  attended the conference for young activists held of the day before the festival as well as coming to the fair. And Christian  Hayden, our representative from Philadelphia, who had given the platform at ethical NYC that very morning, let the crowd to cross bridges and find connections interpersonally in this diverse public square of Queens.  Leader Anne Klaeysen invited the crowd to join us at Ethical Culture, while Audrey Kindred, organizer of family programs, reminded the crowd that ethics unites us all, as humans striving always to contribute to the mission of “a better world.”

From left to right:
Audrey Kindred, 
Christian Hayden with Jesus Torres-Vazquez sitting in front
Ana Griselda Sandoval with daughter Marifer 
Anne Klaeysen
Sabine Salandy and daughter Elise


Photo of Maria Fernandez (Marifer) Torres Sandoval 

At YEE’s Second annual Malala day celebration, our keynote speaker was Marifer!  YEE member Gabriel Pozdnykov also gave a compelling speech about what ethical culture is. 
      Both of these fine young speakers also lead their younger peers in outstanding speeches late that night at our annual rooftop sleepover... when we visited the Great Hall of the AEU, imagining Felix Adler’s first speeches ever that took place there, and “being his voice.”

Performer and teacher Simba Yangala and her company Jungledom Network were Ethical NYC’s special guests for the second annual Malala Day Celebration. 

“What’s Forgiveness Looks Like”
is a dance-performance galvanizing  support of 4 children in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, who have recently lost their parents and have suffered terrible abuses along their way. 
Simba Has secured a safe haven for them as they recover from this loss, and organization called BUMI (=LIFE).  As a long-time Ethical Culture teacher of children at BSEC, she is touring this performance to many societies to support the “nurturing” of these four siblings toward healing and recovery. NYSEC’s YEE is proud to be in collaborative support of this endeavor with other ethical culture society’s.

For more information and for their support of this endeavor, please contact
You may also look up BUMI at

Photo: (left to right) 
YEE member Katy Pozdnyakov, 
Jungledom Leader: Simba Yangala
Jungledom performer: Pilar Murrieta Ngalouo 

Performers at Malala Day: 
Simba Yangala 
Pilar Murrieta Ngalouo 
Alec Lichtenberg 

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