Ethics For Children, Tweens & Teens

Here, young humans empower their ethical development, create life-long freindships, and stand up with care and courage for a GOOD WORLD in action.

Spring 2017

We begin and End April with wonderful festivals

April 2: FREE FUN FAMILY FESTIVAL  (begins at 11am)
Newcomers are encouraged to come.
The focus is on LAUGHTER.  Bring your favorite kind joke from
April Fool's Day to share,  and we’ll LAUGH UP A STORM TOGETHER!

April Ninth: Climate of Earth, Climate of Self

April 16 -- no gathering, but visit
and create EARTH DEEDS with your family and friends!

April 23 -- Earth Day
special guest writer: Deepali Srivastava
special guest songster: Joanie Klips

April 30th:  
Community Spring Festival: 

Join us, and bring your friend families! We hold a sparkling gem of an experience. We meet every Sunday, and you are welcome to come, check it out, and register.

APRIL is a month of BRAIN STORMS!  
  • We'll study CLIMATE and use it's metaphoric insights for our own private climates, learning about the world of excitable FEELINGS.
  • We'll learn and play with choices of self-expression, creative storm processes, and coping strategies for "the big feelings."  
  • We’ll use our expressive and creative forces to tackle the challenging extremes of weather within and without!  
APRIL will be a month of Action and Art. Children will be supported in their family's activist processes. 

May — A Month of ACTIVISM 
"May I Help?" 

** May 7 -- Make posters, and write chants and speeches for the “Next Generation Now” March and Rally for Youth Empowerment—

**Saturday May 13, 11am-2pm, at Cadman Plaza, Brooklyn #childrensmarchnyc
Contact EthicsForChildren to join up with the ETHICAL EXPLORERS.

** May 14, Mothers Day — No gathering, but we’ll practice "May I help?" at home

** May 21, AIDS WALK NYC — Sign up at Ethical or contact to join our walking team or to sponsor them.

No gathering on Memorial Day Weekend.

June 4-11 with guest writer Deepali Srivastava
      Creating our own ETHICAL VOICE! Writing and Drawing our ETHICAL VISIONS!
June 18 Children's Town Hall Meeting to reflect on our year and plan the future
June 25 Final Gathering of summer!!!!!

11:00  Ceremonial Hall, 4th floor — Ethical’s inclusive community gathers. Following the community greeting and music, adults and teens are welcome to stay for the Sunday Morning Meeting.  
11:15  Children (and any parents who wish to attend) go upstairs to the Elliot Library, room 507 for special values-based activities such as the things listed below.... while adults may wish to stay for the morning platform.
12:30  We all reconvene in the Cafeteria, 6th floor. Families may choose to stay for lunch. Children and Teens always eat for free!
 1:30 - 3  Ethics for Youth and Tweens & Teens meet at the Teen Table for project work.
Would you all like to take a field trip to the Children's March for Independent Thought on Saturday, May 13 from 11:00 am - 2:00 pm at Cadman Plaza, Brooklyn? For more information, go to this web page:


Visit the March of Dolls on our YoungEthicalExplorers blog, which you can access through the NYSEC website, and contribute to the project!

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